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Shipping & Returns

Door to door:
If air mail, DHL, EMS, green transmission service door.
If your package is delayed by customs (not very often), you need to pay customs duties on their own. (In some places, they collect the money, parcels they provide to you.)

No door to door:
If made by air cargo, which is airport to airport.
If you send shipping from port to port.

How much and how to estimate shipping costs?
Throughout the country, 299 Mann shipping, freight 17 Wherein the mode of transport to choose?
You can choose the most economical means of transportation if you do not hurry, or choose one of the fastest, if you want to quickly get the goods.

The usual "air mail" is cheaper, but slower mode of transport,
Usually "DHL" mode of transport is more expensive, but faster.

Delivery procedures and timetable
Your order will be shipped out in 2 working days after receipt of payment.
It requires 3~45 days for delivery parcels.
If you need to CO / FORMA or export licenses, it requires two days to apply for and obtain

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